Just Another Monday?

Monday is here again, the beginning of another week for us. I trust everyone had a blessed Easter Weekend just as we did.

I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about the Easter celebration and what each day of it meant to us as Christians.


Friday we remembered the death of Jesus and the sacrifice that was made for each of us.

Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of our Saviour and the hope that it brings.

What about Monday?

As I pondered this thought, I heard God speak to my heart, “What will you do with Monday?”

The Easter holiday is over. Monday finds us at the beginning of another week, getting back to everyday life. But, is that all it is?

We just celebrated a weekend of Hope! The hope of a future, the hope of Salvation, and a home in Heaven some day.

I made a commitment to God this weekend to share that hope. I would like to invite you to do the same.

I do not want to celebrate such great things as we did the past few days and then leave them there. I want to carry them with me and share them with those around me.

After Jesus had risen from the grave; before He ascended into Heaven, he gave His disciples a job to do. He told them to go and tell. (Matthew 28:19)

Jesus has promised us that He has gone to prepare a place for us, and that He is coming back for us one day.( John 14:3)

I want to be busy doing God’s work when that day comes. What about you?

I want to challenge you, just as I have done myself, to remember and share what we just celebrated. Let us not forget the hope that was given to us with the resurrection of our Saviour.

I want to continue to share that good news with those around us, just as Jesus commanded His disciples to do.

Will you join me in that challenge today? I pray that you will.

Please share your thoughts

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