Where are your Roots?


But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.
                  Matthew 15:13

My husband and I decided to try our hand at planting a garden this year. Our families have always had gardens in which we would help, but this year we decided to plant our own.

We got a lot of advice from family and friends about when to plant, where was best to plant, and what we should plant.

With a little help from family we got the ground broken up and ready, and when the time was right we set the seed out.

After we put those first plants out, I stood looking at our little garden and prayed, “Lord, please bless our efforts; would you please help our little garden to grow?”

A few days after we planted there was a big storm that passed through our area. I stood at the front door and looked out into the garden. There was nothing we could do now. We just had to pray that our little plants could withstand the wind and rain.

A few of the little plants did not survive the storm. The water running through our garden washed some of the soil away and the plant went with it. Most of our plants, however, did survive. They are standing strong and tall and beginning to produce vegetables for us to enjoy.

I have been thinking a lot about our Christian walk and how we are just like those little plants.

God is our planter, our caretaker. He knows just when we need to be planted and He knows just where to plant us.

In our lives there are going to be storms. Sometimes it may even feel like your foundation is being washed right out from under you.

If we will dig our roots down deep in God’s Word, we will be able to withstand the storms that come.

We will get to enjoy the “Son” shining on us when the clouds break.

Then we will be able to produce the fruit that the Lord wants us to bear for all the world to see.

As we go into another weekend. I would like us to think about our roots. Where are your roots planted? Are you secure in the Word of God?

Or are your roots planted in worldly things where in just a moment of the storm your foundation could be shifted and you would be swept away.

I pray today that we will take advantage of the opportunities that God has given us. He has made a place where we can grow and mature in Him, He has given us the things we need to grow stronger in Him each day, and He does everything He can to help us succeed.

It is up to us now. We have to take advantage of what God has given us. We have to make sure our roots are secure, then we have to remain in the “Son” so we can grow for His glory.

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