God’s Timing is Perfect

photo by: claraadee



“To everything there is a season,

and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

As I was praying about what I should share with you this morning, my heart was burdened by  many things going on in our world. I know several families who are going through trials right now, and I think of all the families that have been affected by the recent storms. I am sure as you read this, that you too have people for whom you are praying. I wanted to share with you what I feel God spoke to my heart.

When I think about the different situations that people are going through, my mind often wonders, “God, what is your plan?”  This morning as I pondered that same thought, God spoke to my heart and this scripture came to my mind:

” For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.”

Isaiah 55:8

I did not feel as if God was scolding me; I felt comforted by the reminder that I do not know the whole picture. I was reminded that what may look like a hopeless situation in my eyes is something altogether different in the sight of God.

When I look at life, all I can see is what is right here in front of me at this moment. I can think about the future and what it may hold, but I can not see what is to come next year, next week, or even tomorrow. I feel that God designed life this way for a reason. I think back on situations of my past and I am glad that I could not see what was coming. I am certain that, could I have known what was coming, I would have been scared to death.

I find immense comfort in knowing that there is nothing in this life that surprises God. He never has to take a minute to figure it out, or to decide the best decision to make. God is all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-powerful. I do not know how this makes you feel, but this brings me hope and peace this morning.

I am thankful today for a God who has my life in His hands. I find peace in knowing that no matter what I am going through right now, what I will go through tomorrow, or what I may go through in years to come, God already knows, and He already has a plan for me.

I do not know what you may be going through, what sort of trials you are facing, but I do know the God we serve. I want to encourage you today with the reminder that God’s timing is perfect! No matter how big the storm, no matter how long the road, and no matter how deep the valley, God is already there. He already sees, He already knows, and He is working for your good.

I pray today, if you are facing uncertainty, that you will allow God to cover you with His peace and comfort. I pray that you will seek His face and His will for your life.

Remember, God sees the whole picture from beginning to end, and He has the perfect plan if you will just allow Him to lead and to guide.


4 thoughts on “God’s Timing is Perfect

  1. yolanda says:

    I love the way you “personalize” the “Blogs”. ! It means so much for anybody to write/share something “positive”, but, when they ADD “their heart” and “their experiences” to that, it means all the world and a world of difference !
    Thank you for “listening with your HEART” to what God has for YOU and for US to hear, everyday, “through encouragement,.:” ! Love ya ! 🙂


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