Urgent Prayer Request



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Dear Friends,

I would like to ask you to join me in praying for a little boy in our community named Garet. He is undergoing very extensive surgery today to remove a tumor on his brain. Please help me hold him, his family, and the doctors involved up in prayer today. We are trusting God in this situation. This family is a precious family in your community and I told them that I would be sharing this request with my readers. If you would like to leave them a message or comment, you are welcome to do that here and I will be more than happy to pass it along to them. Thank you in advance for your prayers. I believe that as fellow believers we are called to lift each other up in prayer. 

God bless you all today!

15 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request

  1. UPDATE: I just received word that Garet is out of surgery! The doctors were able to remove all of the tumor. There are still obstacles to face, but we are praising God in today’s victory! Thank you all so much for all of your prayers. Please continue to hold them up as they face the days ahead. I will continue to update as I get more information.


  2. I believe your faith in prayer has already healed this young man. I declare success over everything surrounding Garet and this surgery. I believe God will hear and answer each and everyone of the prayer requests that go up today for this remarkable young man. Our father said if we ask we shall receive and today I’m standing firm on that word because I know he is faithful to his word. Father we ask that you take control of Garet’s surgery and let everything go according to your perfect will. Amen.


  3. yolanda says:

    We know what it feels like to have a “little boy” in SURGERY !
    So, Dad and I are praying for this family, today !
    Love ya, Mom ! 🙂


  4. Praying God would give the surgeon and the team of doctors and nurses the skills needed to successfully perform the surgery, for a quick recovery, and for peace and rest during such a difficult time.


  5. I re-blogged to ask for more prayers as I know GOD answers prayers and he creates miracles today. I am praying for a miracle for this little boy and his family. GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged! Melody


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