Confessions of a Tween Mom

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 “Train up a child in the way he should go:

and when he is old,

he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Confession: I am a mom, and I do not have all the answers.

There are times when this is the hardest thing for me to admit. As the mother of a “tween,” a nine-year old and a five-year old, I often have to admit that I no longer have all the answers. As much as I would like to believe that I have it all together, too many time I am faced with the stark reality that I do not.

As a woman, a mother, and a wife I want to believe that I know what I am doing. I am reminded, however, that there is still so much that I do not know, so much that I still have to learn. Every day I am learning exactly what God means in His word when He tells us not to lean on our own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)

Just recently I was faced with the reality that I do not have all the answers that my children need. I suddenly found myself faced with a conflict for which I was not prepared. I had to sadly admit to myself that I had failed. As a mother, I was not prayed up. I had not taken the time to seek the knowledge, from the Lord, that was needed to minister to one of my children in need.

At that very moment, I had to cry out to God. I was in desperate need of help. I knew I was traveling in uncharted territory, and I needed guidance. As I poured my heart out to God, I felt a peace come over me that I knew could only come from God.

As I began to council one of my children, I knew that God was right there holding my hand and healing the broken heart of a child. As I talked to him about the issues of a young person, I could see God working in his heart. I could see that God was already doing a work in our child’s life. All I needed to do was to trust God with the results and be there to offer support and guidance.

As I sit back and look at my children, I see just how fast they are growing up. While they will always be my babies, God is growing them into precious young people. I often look at my children and wonder what God has in-store for them. I trust and believe from the bottom of my heart that God has big plans for each of them some day.

I want to be prepared to minister to my children when they need some guidance. I realize that the days of hard knocks is coming. We are soon going to have a teenager in our house, I can only imagine what that is going to mean for us.I want to be prepared for those years. I know they are going to be the most important years, and I want them to be years of making memories and building dreams.

I was reminded this weekend how much more I need to be praying for my children. I pray every day that God will keep them safe and healthy, but I realize now that there is so much more for which I should be praying.

As a mom, I need to be praying for wisdom. I need to be seeking God’s guidance so that I can lead my children in the right direction when those temptations come to wander.

Psalm 127:3 tells us:

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

My children are such a blessing to my heart. I love to watch them grow, and mature, and become the people who God would have them to be.

My prayer is that I can be the Mom that they need me to be . I pray that God will empower me with the knowledge and the wisdom I need to raise them to be Godly boys and girls. I pray that I will never forget to whom they truly belong, that these precious children of mine are just lent to me for  a season. I pray that I can honor my Heavenly Father with not only the life I live, but the lives that I teach my children to live.

I want to encourage you, today. If you are a  parent, please take the time to realize what an awesome responsibility you have been given. Our children are our future. We should be on our knees every day praying to God for guidance and wisdom to raise these precious little ones with whom He has entrusted us.

If you find yourself lacking the wisdom and the knowledge that you need, as I did, go to God. Cry out to Him. He will give you the answers that you need. He will give you the wisdom that you seek.

I pray that as parents we will cling to the promise that is quoted at the top of the page:

 “Train up a child in the way he should go:

and when he is old,

he will not depart from it.”

God Bless you today!

9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Tween Mom

  1. My children are grown, and I made mistakes, too. I have two boys and a girl, with my daughter being the youngest, and it was more difficult seeing her grow into a young woman. I don’t know if you’re tween is a boy or girl, but if I were to give any advice to younger mothers with daughters, it would be this— don’t be afraid to let her grow into the beautiful, feminine woman God created her to be, but rather encourage her femininity and bestow Godly wisdom. And “To be known is to be loved…” Get to know her, because she’s changing and is not a little girl anymore.

    Other general pieces of advice I’d found helpful were: Major on the majors and not on the minors; jump on their bandwagon; and just as women need to feel loved and men need to feel respected, the same is true of girls and boys.


    • We also have two boys and a girl. Our youngest is a five year old little girl. Our oldest son is 11. We are just now entering the years of no babies and I find myself a little overwhelmed and unsure from time to time. I knew how to change diapers and fix bottles, and rock fussy babies to sleep, but this tween mom stuff if a whole different ball game.

      I am excited to see what God has in store for my children. I am excited to see the young adults that emerge from these little people that God has blessed us with. I just often feel unprepared, unsure of the right steps to take. I pray that God will give me and my husband wisdom in the areas in which we are lacking, and grace(as I am sure we are going to make mistakes).

      Thank you for the encouraging words! I would appreciate your prayers as well. My greatest desire for my children is that they grow up to be wholesome, Godly people. I know that God has big plans for them, and i want to do my best, as their Mom, to guide them in the right direction.


      • I love your Godly, mother’s heart. Although my children are grown—my youngest is 21 and my oldest 25— I still need lots of wisdom, because once a parent, always a parent, but also a friend. Let’s pray for each other, k? ((hugs))


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