Creating a Safe Place for our Children


“But Jesus said,

‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,

for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 19:14

Life should be like Chuck E. Cheese: A place where a kid can be a kid.

This was a quote from my eleven year old as we sat and had one of our many mother/son visits.

I have been blessed with two sons, the oldest of which is just now getting to the age where life is caught between childhood and adolescence. I try from time to time to sit down with both of my sons and connect on their level. I want to raise my children to understand that they are free to talk to me and ask me questions. I believe that if we start this now while they are still young, that we will be able to continue it throughout their lives.

There are things in this world that I wish my children never had to know about. There are evils in this world that I can protect my children from, but there are also things which I can only prepare them to handle.

As we sat down to visit, I told my boys, ” There are things in this world that I wish you never had to learn about. The world should be a place where…” as I paused in an attempt to find my wording, my oldest son looked at me and said, ” Where a kid can be a kid, like at Chuck E. Cheese?”

Imagine the look on my face as I came to the realization that at just eleven years old, my son understood exactly what I was trying to say.

We went on with our conversation and discussed why the world did not carry the same motto as Chuck E. Cheese, and why they had to be careful as they grew. We discussed some of the evils of this world that I had realized I would not be able to protect them from and the best way for them to handle these situations.

After my boys had gone on to play, I was doing my motherly duties around the house and that simple little phrase from such an innocent source kept coming back to my mind.

The world should be a place where ” A kid can be a kid,” but the sad truth is that we are raising our children in a world where that has been made almost impossible. These days, our children are faced with so much more than even I was at their age.

Parents, I want to encourage you today. Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents, this is for you as well.

Our children need us. They need us to teach them about the world, not by the world’s standards, but by God’s standards.

Too many times the children of today are left raising each other. They are raised by the radio, the television, the video games. Please understand, I am not saying any of these things are wrong, but they can not take the place of Godly parents and the influence that God intended for us to have on our children.

We have been called by God to make our homes a place where ” A kid can be a kid.” Our homes should be a place where they can come in, shut the door, and lock the world outside.

It breaks my heart when I think about the children that are being left to raise themselves.

Our daughters are being taught that you have to dress a certain way, or be a certain size or have particular shape if you want to be popular and accepted in this world. They are not being taught to respect their own bodies and to demand that same respect from those around them.

Our sons are being taught that you are only cool if you dress this way, or look that way. They are being taught that respecting women is a thing of the past.

Children are being faced with things such as sex, drugs, and pornography long before their brains can even comprehend it.

Sadly, our children are being asked to grow up in a grown-up world where things exist and go on every day that they should not even have to know about for many years to come.

5 thoughts on “Creating a Safe Place for our Children

  1. I love this post! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I would love to sit and coffee with you and discuss parenting. You are wise and I can sense your wisdom is derived from above. I would love to reblog your post. Do you mind?


    • You are more than welcome to share it. I am so glad that it was a blessing to your heart. any wisdom I have obtained is from God and I give Him all the credit. I am passionate about encouraging others and I feel that is what I have been called to do. God bless you, Crystal!


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