Motivational Monday: Making Memories


This weekend our family made memories. Not that we do not make them almost every day, but this weekend was different. Every day was filled with fun and excitement. Every day held something new.

I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you this morning, and the whole weekend kept playing through my mind; that is when I decided that I would encourage you this morning to make memories.

Life is short, as I am sure most of you have already figured out. So many times we hear of people who are here with us one minute and gone the next. We just never know when our time is going to be up and we will be called home. So I want to encourage you to make the memories while you can.

If you have small children, take time with them. Yes, I understand that life gets busy, but they are only little once. I watched my children this weekend as they played together. I am just amazed every day at how fast they are growing. Before we know it they are going to be grown and making memories of their own.

Spouses, spend time together! I know life gets busy for each of you, but you only get one shot. Make those times you do have together memorable. Do things that you both like to do. Laugh together. Hold hands. Cherish those moments.

Here in our community, there have recently been many families who have tragically lost loved ones. My heart goes out to each of them. I am sure that you know of people right where you live who are going through the same thing. Let us remember to hold them up in prayer. Let this also be a reminder to us: We never know how long we have left.

I pray that this has encouraged you today. I pray that we will not take our time for granted. I pray that we will make the most out of every minute we have. Share a smile. Make someone laugh. Make memories.

Please share your thoughts

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