What a Mighty God we Serve


 “Can you fathom the mysteries of God?
    Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?
 They are higher than the heavens above—what can you do?
    They are deeper than the depths below—what can you know?
 Their measure is longer than the earth
    and wider than the sea.”

Job 11:7-9

“We serve an amazing God.” This is the phrase that has been occupying my mind this morning as I read from the book of Job.

Do you ever stop to think about all the ways that God cares for us?

It is more than my mind can comprehend.

Sometimes we allow the troubles of this life to get us down. We worry about things that we have no control over. We allow the devil to steal our joy and we begin to fret.

As I read this passage of Scripture this morning, I began to think back on all the ways that God has provided for me and my family over the years. I began to think about all the ways that God takes care of me on a daily basis, many of which I am not even aware.

Why then do we worry about things such as money, and illness and this and that?

Do we so easily forget that we serve a God that set our world in motion?

It seems so easy for us to allow the troubles of this life to get us down. We forget that the God who created this world in which we live, and who created us in our mother’s bodies, still holds us today. He loves us. He cares for us. He watches over us every minute of every day, and not only you and me, but every other person who is on this earth. Wow! that is something to boggle the mind.

Friends, this morning I simply want to encourage you to trust God. When life gets hard, trust God. When life throws a kink in your plans, trust God. When something unexpected comes your way, trust God. If He created the entire world and all that we see around us without your help or my help, I do believe that He can handle our problems all by Himself. We must simply take our hands off, place our lives in God’s hands and say, “Not my will, but thy will be done.”

God loves you. He created you for a purpose, and He has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

 Let us always remember to put our trust in Him.

We most certainly serve a mighty God.


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