Your Story. Your Life


 “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” James 4:14


I love to read. I have told you that before. I also love to write. In high school I wrote short poems. As an adult I enjoy writing for my blog. I like being able to get my thoughts out on paper so I can go back and look at them. It is a way for me to clear my mind.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a writer? What would you say if I told you that you were? You have been working on a book of your own for a long time (some of us longer than others 🙂 ). The day that you were born your story began, and every day since you have been writing the story of your life.

Yesterday, my kids and I were having a cleaning day. Their bedrooms were in desperate need of an intervention by Mom. My boys, Big D and Little D, are pretty good at cleaning their own room. Sometimes they just need a little motivation to get it done. Sister, however, is still small and the mess that she makes in her room sometimes overwhelms her little mind. When it comes time to clean she needs a little more help than my boys do.

After Sister had cleaned all that she knew to clean, I had to come behind her and give her some ideas as to what else needed to be done. As I explained where to put these toys, and where to put those books, she listened rather intently. In the past when we would have these conversations she would cry or get upset because she had to clean her room. This time, however, she quietly listened to what I said and I could see her taking it all in. She slowly turned and went back to her room to resume the cleaning process.

At that moment,  it was as if God lifted a veil from my eyes and suddenly I saw how much my precious daughter was growing and changing. I suddenly saw the sweet young lady that God was growing her into and my heart sighed. I quickly realized that we had turned a page in our book called  Life.

Sometimes as a parent, I get so involved in raising our children and making sure that they are learning the right things, and growing in the Lord that I forget how quickly they are growing and changing.  I no longer have babies that need me guiding their every move. My precious babies have grown into young people who are learning to think for themselves and reason within their own minds. It is a bitter sweet moment for me. I love seeing my children grow, but I also see how quickly time is passing. Sometimes I wish I had a pause button and I could stop time for a just a moment. In reality I know that it is not possible. Today’s verse says:

” Life is even a vapour,

that appeareth for a little time,

and then vanisheth away.”

The time that God has given us with our children is precious. This book called Life that our family is writing is a blessing, and by God’s grace and with His blessing it will be a beautiful story.

Let me encourage you today. You too are writing a story, and it is going more quickly than you realize.  Enjoy the time you have. Make it count. Let God guide you as you write each chapter of your story. It is only by God’s grace and blessings that it will be something which you can look back on and smile. When the time comes and you read back over your story, what will it say about the life you lived? Remember, it is your life. It is your story.





4 thoughts on “Your Story. Your Life

  1. yolanda hill says:

    Wow, .. is a good word for this story.” ! I don’t care for Jennifer Lopez, sometimes, but, as she would say, …. ” THAT gave me ” goosies” to my heart ! Love ya Val, 🙂 Encourage on, sweet !


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