You Are My Rescue

“When he calls to me, I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble;
    I will rescue him and honor him.”

Psalm 91:15

Do you like music?

Music, for me, is such a gift. It can express how I am feeling when I can not find the words. It can minister to my heart when I am hurting. Music is also a great way to praise the Lord.

I was raised in a very musical family. Since the time I was just a small child I can remember music being a big part of my life. I have memories of sitting next to my Mama and hearing her sing beautiful harmony along with the music on Sunday Morning. I remember hearing my dad sing the prettiest tenor part of every song. Being missionaries, we would often sing at the churches we were visiting. As my brother and I grew, our parents taught us how to harmonize, and we are passing those gifts along to our children.

I love to read the Book of Psalms. David understood music. Thanks to his gift of music and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we have a book full of beautiful songs written to the Lord, some of which are written out of joy, some out of sorrow, and some even out of fear and anguish. It seems even David knew the power of a song.

I often find myself with a song in my heart. At times I will wake up with lyrics on my mind; other times God will place a song on my heart and I will find myself humming along all day. Either way, music is such a gift.

I awoke this morning with a song in my heart that I would like to share with you. It is entitled “You Are My Rescue.”  It is a reminder to us that no matter where we are and what we are going through, God is right there with us. Even when we are having trouble seeing His hand, we can trust His heart and know that He will never leave us.

Friend, I do not know what you are going through today, but you can find rest in the assurance that God does. Just as David did, we can cry out to God and He will hear us. He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us and we can stand firm on that promise. No matter the storm you are facing today, no matter the struggle, God is there and He will be your rescue today if you will let him.

I pray this song ministers to your heart and you have a blessed day.

4 thoughts on “You Are My Rescue

  1. I, too, love music. There’s one song I listen to quite frequently before I start digging into the Word in my study. It’s “Speak Lord” by a group called As Isaac. Look it up on YouTube. They are from here where I live in Tennessee.


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