About the Martins


“Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done.
The things you planned for us no one can recount to you;
were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare.”
(Psalm 40:5 NIV)

 From the Martins – “This verse reflects how our years with World Gospel Mission have been. The years have come and gone like the blink of an eye! We never dreamed that we would serve the Lord in so many different capacities during this time. The journey has not always been easy, but it has taught us how to place our faith in God alone. We have seen God do many miracles during this journey.”

 “It was a privilege to raise our three children on the American Indian Field where we ministered together for 19 years. In the fall of 1996, we were invited to work at the WGM headquarters in Marion, Indiana. What a privilege it has been to minister in various capacities at the headquarters. Our years of experience now fuel our passion as missionary pastors in encouraging missionaries to fulfill God’s call on their lives. We are honored to walk with them through their missionary journey. Now as ‘retired missionary pastors’ we have the honor of encouraging those who have served their time on the field and just need someone to come along side of them to listen to them, to share with them, and to pray for their needs.”


 Originally from Clarksburg WV and Lodi OH, Frank and Sharon Martin have given their lives in the ministry. Together they have served in a variety of positions including missionary teacher, school chaplain, library administrator, coach of cross country and track/field, school principal, field leader, and student sponsor.

 Frank obtained his BA degree in secondary education with a minor in psychology from Asbury University (Kentucky) and his BA in industrial arts from Fairmont State University (West Virginia).  With WGM he has held positions as Prayer Ministries director, Call to Prayer writer, prayer team leader, Church Ministries director, and pastor to missionaries.

 Sharon holds a BA degree in elementary education, minor in library science, from Asbury University (Kentucky). She has performed the duties of WGM Media Department assistant, and World Connection MVP and MD coordinator, as well as pastor to missionaries.

 The Martins’ years of ministry have been spent on the American Indian Field (1977-1996), at World Gospel Mission headquarters In Indiana (1996-2016), and as pastors to WGM missionaries, (2016—present). Currently they are serving as pastors to retired missionaries.


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