The Calm in the Storm


 “And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” Mark 4:39

Do storms ever creep up in your life? Have you ever been enjoying the sunshine of life and before you know it, the clouds have rolled in and the rain begins to fall. What do you do?

The disciples faced this same problem. In Mark 4:35-41 we read that one day, Jesus and the disciples had set out across the sea in a ship when a storm came up. Can you imagine the fear that must have taken over those men as the clouds rolled in and the rain began to fall? I am sure the waves began to toss the ship from side to side. How fearful must they have been when the water began to come into the ship and slowly rise? Finally the men went down to where Jesus was sleeping in the bottom of the ship and awoke Him. They said to Jesus, “Do you not care that we are going to die?” We read that Jesus rises and rebukes the wind. He says, “Peace, be still,” and the storm immediately stops and a calm falls over the water. Then Jesus asks His disciples an interesting question, “How is it that ye have no faith?”

Sometimes in our lives storms blow in. One day life is going great. Things are going your way. But then the clouds start to build. Slowly the sun disappears behind the clouds and the rain begins to fall. What once felt carefree and easy now seems scary and uncertain.

I believe we need to learn a lesson from this story we read today. When the storms of life come our way, instead of letting them scare us and throw us off course, I believe that we need to keep our faith and focus on God. We need to place our faith in Him and allow Him to be the calm in our storm. There is nothing we can face that God does not already know about. There is nothing that is going to come up in our lives that is going to surprise God. He knows every single moment of our lives and He already has a plan.

I want to encourage you today. If you are facing a storm in your life do not let the wind and the waves frighten you. Place your trust in Jesus. Let Him be the calm in your storm. He may not always calm the storm, but I promise you that He will bring a peace to your heart like you have never known.

Remember this: “Sometimes He calms the storm and sometimes He calms His child.”


When the Storms of Life Come Your Way


“And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” Matthew 14:31

Throughout the school year our children are required by the school that they attend to memorize portions of Scripture. Each morning we gather together and say our pledges and read the scripture that they are to be learning. As part of their daily goals, they are required to learn a new verse of the Scripture and recite it to one of the teachers by the end of the day. The portion of Scripture that we are learning right now is found in Matthew 14:22-33.

If you have never stood in a room and listened to a group of children recite memory verses, you are missing out on a blessing. As I stand and listen to each of those children recite, from memory, a portion of God’s word, I can only imagine how God must feel as He watches these precious children hide His word in their hearts as He has commanded each of us to do.

Yesterday, my oldest son was quoting the verse that I have chosen to share with you today. As he recited his scripture, the words, “And immediately, Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him,” caught my attention.

I thought about the story of Peter and how he had asked Jesus to allow him to come and walk on the water. We know that in the story as Peter steps out on the water and begins to walk to Jesus he sees the storm around him, takes his eyes off of Jesus, and immediately begins to sink. In verse 30 we read that as Peter begins to sink, he cries out to God to save him.  Today I want us to focus on verse 31. Particularly the part that says, “And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him,”

How many times in our lives have we acted just as Peter did in this story we read today? We ask God for the opportunity to do something, or we ask God to open a door for us, and then when He does and things get a little rough, we get scared. We allow the storm to distract us and we take our eyes off of Jesus. Realizing that the situation in which we are standing is so much bigger than ourselves, we panic. In fear, we begin to sink. If we are smart, we will do as Peter did and cry out for God to save us.

The encouragement I want to offer to you today comes not from Peter walking on the water, nor from him getting scared and sinking, but from Jesus’ response to Peter as he begins to sink. You see, the very moment that Peter cried out for Jesus to save him, Jesus Immediately reached down and caught Peter. Friends, He wants to do the same for us. When life gets scary, when we look around and realize that the storm is here, when we let the storm distract us and we let fear get the better of us, God wants us to cry out to Him. When we do that, He will do just as He did for Peter. Immediately, God will reach down, and catch us. He will set our feet back on solid ground.

Life is full of opportunities, chances to allow God to show us His power. God wants us to step out in faith and come to Him, just as Peter did. Along with those opportunities, however, we may encounter a few storms, a few waves. There are lessons to be learned from this story:

First, I believe that we must never take our eyes off of the One who gives us the power to do the impossible. We must learn to keep our eyes on the source of our strength and not let the waves cause us to fear and doubt.

Second, I want us to remember that if we do get scared, if we take our eyes off of Jesus and begin to sink, we must do as Peter did and cry out to Him. Do not allow yourself to sink in despair. Do not let fear get the better of you, cry out to God and immediately he will reach down and catch you. He will not allow you to sink. He will not allow fear to overtake you. He will pick you up, and He will save you.

Finding Peace


“I have said these things to you,

that in me you may have peace.

In the world you will have tribulation.

But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

I often wake up with a song in my heart, a song that I feel God has placed there to bring me comfort or to remind me that He is in control. This morning, however, I was awakened from my sleep by a song playing in my head. The song is one we sang in church Sunday morning. It is called “He Whispers Sweet Peace to Me.” Here are the lyrics:

 Sometime when misgivings darken the day…..
      And faith’s light I cannot see….
      I ask my dear Lord…to brighten the way……..
      He whispers sweet peace to me…..

       The Chorus:

      He whispers sweet peace to me…..[to me]
      He whispers sweet peace to me…..[to me]
      When I am cast down….in spirit and soul….
      He whispers….sweet peace to me…..

      Verse Two:

      I could not go on without him…I know…..
      The world would o’er whelm my soul…..
      For I could not see…the right way to go….
      When temptations o’er me roll….

      Verse Three:

      I trust Him through faith…by faith hold His hand….
      And sometimes my faith is weak…..
      And then when I ask Him to take command…..
      It seems that I hear him speak…..

      Verse Four:

      He speaks in a still…small voice we are told….
      A voice that dispels all fear….
      And when I’m in doubt….or troubled in soul….
      That still small voice….I can hear…..

       The Chorus:

      He whispers sweet peace to me…..[to me]
      He whispers sweet peace to me…..[to me]
      When I am cast down….in spirit and soul….
      He whispers….sweet peace to me…..

~Author unknown~

Philippians 4:7 tells us:

“And the peace of God,

which passeth all understanding,

shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Sometimes the storms of life can seem as if they will overtake our hearts. When we feel overwhelmed by evils of this world, we need to fall at the feet of Jesus and seek the peace that only He can bring.

I have been facing some storms in my life lately. As I awoke this morning with this song in my heart, I can not describe the peace that I felt wash over me. I felt as if God was whispering in His still, small voice, “Trust Me, Follow Me, Lean on Me.”

I can not tell you what the future holds, and I can not promise that trials will not come. I am reassured this morning that no matter what happens in this life, God is in control. My God is bigger than any trial I will face. He is mightier than any obstacle that the devil can throw in my path.

I pray, today, if you are facing uncertainty in your life that you will seek God. Seek the peace that can come only from Him. If you will give it all over to God, He will cover you with His peace.

There will still be trials that you will have to face. The scripture I used this morning tells us that there will be trials, but it also reassures us that there is a peace that passes ALL understanding.

I pray that this brings you comfort today. I pray that as we grow in Christ together that we will learn to lean on Him. I pray that we will let God cover us with His peace, comfort, and protection.

God bless you today friend! Stay encouraged, stay comforted, and find rest in the peace that can only come from God.